Executive Board


Alise Crittendon,

Major: Advertising

Certificate: New Media and 

Interdisciplinary Writing

Fun Fact: "Coraline is a movie I can watch every day!"


Mariah Cooper, Vice President and Community Manager

Major: Public Relations

Minor: Women's Studies

Certificate: New Media

Fun Fact: "I was on a Chinese talk show called Day Day Up when I was in middle school."


Jess L'Hommedieu, Photographer

Major: Entertainment and Media Studies

Certificate: New Media

Fun Fact: "I interviewed Joan Jett when I was 8 years old!" 


Caroline Kurzawa,
Director of Communications

Major: Journalism

Minor: Women's Studies

Certificate: Public Affairs Communication

Fun Fact: "I love to bake. My favorite things to bake are cookies and blondies."


Madison Greer,
General Body Meeting Manager

Major: Public Relations and Marketing

Fun Fact: "I had a sewing business in middle school." 


Olga Diaz-Nasser,
Special Events Planner

Major: Public Relations

Minor: French

Certificate: Public Affairs Communication

Fun Fact: "I can speak 3 languages!


Sasha Kopca,
Engagement Manager

Major: Entertainment and Media Studies

Minor: Film Studies

Fun Fact: "My lucky number is 5 because 'I Don't Dance' was the 5th song on the HSM2 album."


Heaven Robinson,
Content Creator

Major: Advertising

Minor: Design and Media, Studio Art

Fun Fact: "When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut. Now, I just own a lot of space-themed stuff."

Jane Lian.JPG

Jane Lian,
Social Media Manager

Major: Advertising

Minor: Communications

Certificate: New Media

Fun Fact: "I love collecting crystal balls from every city I visit. Now I've had 40+."


Katie Ruiz,

Major: Finance

Minor: Spanish

Certificate: FinTech

Fun Fact: "I have six dogs!"


Samantha Meyer,
Faculty Advisor

Director of Experiential Programs
at Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Georgia